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What do travellers want from pre-travel emails?

A pre-travel email or a pre-travel automation series should provide all of the valuable information that a traveller needs to make a successful trip. What’s surprising is that whilst these automated emails do include information about the booking such as flight numbers, departure info and so on, the content of these ‘pre-travel’ emails really hasn’t […]

Live Olympic Medal Table

Once the Olympics have officially started and the first medal has been awarded, the medal table below will automatically spring into action showing a live medal count for the top 3 nations throughout the games. Live Medal Table: If you’d like to set this up to include in your emails, here’s a quick how to: […]

P&O Content Automation

This week we love P&O’s use of Content Automation to display the latest blog content for four main destinations. P&O Ferries send three major campaigns each year. For their summer campaign they turned to content automation to show the latest blog posts for each destination at open time. The aim of the summer campaign is […]

How do you personalize when you have no data?

Personalization is a top priority for marketers this year according to Econsultancy’s Digital Trends 2016 report (and every marketer we’ve asked too!). ‘Personalization is a priority’ is often followed by ‘but it’s hard to do’. The phrases ‘big data’ and ‘single customer view’ are frequently bandied around, and tend to make personalization sound like a […]

An all new kind of trigger

Imagine this scenario: You send out your weekly promotional newsletter to your database. This email generates revenue but you want to find a way to make this email generate more. How do you do it? Think about this. Would you generate extra revenue by sending a timely triggered email to recipients that have showed very […]